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Dionysus and Satyr by karadin Dionysus and Satyr :iconkaradin:karadin 58 2
No strings on me (Steve x Reader) - Part 1
Norway, 2015 - Inside a secret, old S.H.I.E.L.D. base
Footsteps echoed through the building while you were rocking yourself back and forward – eyes closed – feeling the cold nesting itself into your bones. A feeling you knew all too well. A sighed hum welled from your throat while a smile curled your lips.
    “I've got no strings to hold me down,” you sang, the words flowing from your lips without you even realizing it. As the footsteps grew louder you felt a soft laugh escape your throat. “To make me fret or make me frown.”
    “Shut it, witch!” an angry voice told you.
    Your eyes shot open when the guard hit the side of your cell with his gun, sending a clinging echo through the room you had spent several years in. You pushed yourself from the ground, slowly dancing on a melody only you seemed to hear.
    “I had
:iconsavrom:savrom 213 129
Eragon's Hair by ElizaLento Eragon's Hair :iconelizalento:ElizaLento 342 143 The Dragons Of Inheritance by shazy The Dragons Of Inheritance :iconshazy:shazy 1,194 365 Cherik Teaching Troubles - Part 2 by yuuyami-artist Cherik Teaching Troubles - Part 2 :iconyuuyami-artist:yuuyami-artist 210 29 Avengers by MaxGrecke Avengers :iconmaxgrecke:MaxGrecke 502 25
When the World Crumbles Steve x Reader Chapter 4
You never thought you'd be dragged through the streets to your doom by yourself, or your alternate self for that matter. In this alternate world you were Rumlow's personal HYDRA agent. That's why it was so wrong. You'd never work for HYDRA, especially after what they'd done to Steve. This alternate you was everything you fought so hard not to be. You were just happy Rumlow didn't know who Steve was here. Who knows what he'd do to him if he did.
You were interrupted from your thoughts when Rumlow pushed Steve into you. Apparently he needed your alternate self to watch both you and Steve so he could go ahead and alert Loki of your arrival. You glanced behind you wondering what your chances of escaping were. It was highly unlikely that you and Steve could take down fifty HYDRA agents without one of them taking you down first.
You were so glad Steve was here with you. You couldn't imagine going through this alone. You made a promise to yourself right then and there that if you made it out
:iconcaptainpeggy40:CaptainPeggy40 29 26
Where are you now (Steve x Reader) - 1/3
1944, America - Four months after Steve crashed the plane into the ocean
Four months, one week, five days and seven hours. That was how long you had been looking for Steve. The clock kept ticking on and time hadn’t been especially kind to you. Those four months had flown by like it was nothing and the hole in your heart seemed to grow by the second, as did the bags under your eyes. You had no idea when you had slept last, but you were determined to find your best friend.
You knew you shouldn’t have let him go alone on the plane, but who were you to help or go after him? You were proficient enough with a gun, but you were just a scientist (Howard’s assistant to be exact). How could you have helped him?
You sighed, staring at the plate of breakfast in front of you. You weren’t hungry. You hadn’t been in a long time, but you knew you had to eat. If you wanted to find him, you needed your energy.
The rest of the team had given up the hope of fi
:iconsavrom:savrom 162 108
The right partner (Steve x Reader) - Part 2
You swallowed hard, looking at the man you had started to love over the past few years. You resisted the urge to take him into your arms and tell him everything was going to be okay (like he had done many times for you), knowing he would like his space right now. You knew Steve had always feared the serum would eventually wear off. You had told him numerous of times that that wasn’t something he needed to worry about, but several months ago (knowing that he needed to hear it) you had promised him that if it did, you would do anything to help him.
‘W-what happened?’ you mumbled, looking into his deep blue eyes – the only thing that hadn’t changed.
‘I don’t know,’ he replied stoically, but you could see the worry and sadness in his eyes. ‘I went to bed wondering why I was feeling so strange and when I woke up…’ he sighed, looking down at his hands.
He coughed, wiping the sweat from his brow. He looked so fragile and you al
:iconsavrom:savrom 170 152
Undercover (Steve x Reader)
I got inspired by "Undercover" by Selena Gomez.
AU: Where HYDRA is just S.H.I.E.L.D.’s greatest Secret Service competitor. Plus Steve is not from the 40's (therefore a little OOC)
Warnings: swearing, sexual contact
Word count: 2058
All to myself,
I want you all to myself.
And nobody else.
You don't need no other lover, we can keep it undercover.
Find me in the shadows,
and pull the shades down until tomorrow,
and make sure that no-nobody follows.
You don't need no other lover, we can keep it –

U n d e r c o v e r
Sounds of clicking glasses and champagne cork pops filled the ballroom.
The incredibly high ceilings were draped with expensive looking silk ribbons and gigantic, majestic chandeliers.
Round tables were placed at the side, finest sterling cutlery and exquisite food on it.
Slow music was quietly played at the background, putting the finishing touch on it.
This large ballroom was full of chatting
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 44 16
Feel My Heart - Part 6 (Stark!Reader x Pietro)
Warning! Major Spoilers For The Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Also - This story will be a lot more somber, so if you don't like that kind of story, don't read it.
You've been warned.
May the darkness begin.
P a r t  6
“I can't concentrate.”
“You are just screwing metal together.”
“I am building your head. So please, let me do my work.”
“Then go on.”
Without you guarding me.”
Ultron, being present in one of his sentries, remained silent while (y/n) sighed. “There's no point in watching me. It's not like I can escape, right?”
Without another word Ultron’s sentry walked away, leaving her finally alone.
(y/n) closed her eyes in defeat and counted to ten until she felt ready to continue her work.
She opened them again and gazed at the soon to be dull Ultron eyes in front of her.
His head alone was scary. It just lay there in completely innocence.
It didn't look like it was the skull
:iconjennarogers02:JennaRogers02 142 39
The Thunder (Steve Rogers x Reader) - Chapter 1
*A/N: It will be AU for AoU, and I'll add another characters from the Marvel Universe, including comics. One is in this chapter (Can you spot her? ;D). This is my first Avengers fanfic, hope you like it.  And remember for this chapter: Not everything is like it seems.
April 27, 2015
Steve Rogers sighed looking at the glass of whiskey in his hand. He sipped the golden liquid and he regretted, for what seemed like the millionth time, that he couldn't get drunk.  
The Captain looked around to see his colleagues and friends drinking and laughing. They had just come back from destroying another HYDRA base somewhere. He didn't even remember where it was, not that he cared at all. He just wanted them to disappear so no more civilians got hurt because of the terrorist orgnatitation.
He heard Thor booming, as loud as he was right next to him, although he was at the opposite of the room. The laughs of Jane, Thor's girlfriend, their friend Darcy and Pepper. He turned around, seeing Bruc
:iconpunkrockavenger:PunkRockAvenger 45 11
Don't let me slip away (Steve Rogers x Reader) 1/2
Laughter filled the reception and everyone had smiles on their faces.
Sharon looked absolutely happy, while Steve smiled, happiness not fully reaching his eyes. The time for the best man speech came and I was absolutely nervous but I sucked a breath in and I stood up. I sounded my champagne glass to gather everyone’s attention. Everyone turned to look at me and it made my stomach turn a little. I gathered my courage and started my speech.
“Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen , boys and girls, for those that don’t know me I am (y/n), Steve's best man and best friend. Well, in my case best woman. For those that don't know me I apologize.. .” There were some laughter, and I smiled. I looked at Steve and continued.
“I have been friends with Steve since the day S.H.I.E.L.D fell. It wasn’t the best time to have met but we worked it out once it was all over. I was the agent assigned to protect him and make sure that he was safe. After the mess was sorted, we
:iconglendaaaa:glendaaaa 6 4
Till it hurts (Steve X Reader) - Part 3
Somewhere in the Arctic, 2015 - Inside the hidden HYDRA base
It was cold and dark and even though Steve wasn't a person to give up, he was on the verge of doing exactly that. His wrists hurt from where the cuffs chaining him to the wall cut into his skin. He couldn't stop shaking from the pain and cold that were surging through his body. 
Steve didn't know how long he had been locked up in that pitch dark room. The only light coming in came from underneath the door, making it impossible to determine whether it was night or day. The others would surely know by now that something was wrong. Knowing his friends, Steve guessed they were trying everything to get him out, but judging by the complete and utter silence that filled the room, they hadn't found him yet. 
You had come to see him several times. At first he thought it would help him through this, to have you by his side, but it soon became clear you didn't remember who he was - not truly. HYDRA had erased all the g
:iconsavrom:savrom 148 125


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